Visas. Portuguese consulates open for business!

Portugal welcomes you back!

As you may know Portugal, like the rest of the world, has been fighting this pandemic with great resolve and in fact Portugal infection toll has been consistently dropping and the number of deaths per million is now less than 100, making Portugal a safe destination to travel to.  

The Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently informed that the processing of all types of national visas has been resumed and is available on the e-Visa portal accessible through the following link:

National residence visas for subordinate work, for retired people, religious people and people living on income, temporary stay visas for independent professional activity, temporary stay for amateur sports activity, temporary stay for seasonal work and course attendance at an educational or vocational training establishment were suspended.

From now on, the e-Visa portal is fully available for national visa applications, which can be made in Portuguese, English, French, Russian and Ukrainian.

The e-visa portal provides the following new features: single registration, change of password, editing of personal data, consultation of all applications made, visa application with questionnaire to determine the appropriate type of visa, possibility of attaching documents to the application.

Schengen visas may also be issued for trips intended for tourism or similar purposes, but only to nationals or residents of countries travelling to Portugal and requiring a visa, which are on the list attached to Order No. 7595-A/2020. 

So you can now make an appointment in the Portuguese consulate of your area of residence and start your application!

Our team is ready to assist you with your immigration needs in Portugal and guide you all the way through so that everything runs according to your expectations.

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