It is not new to anyone that Portugal is considered one of the best destinations in Europe to live, either because of its warmer weather compared to other European countries, the possibilities of investment, better quality of life or its beautiful landscapes, Portugal has a relevant differential for those who want to relocate.

If you already imagine yourself living in Portugal, with an open door to the European Union, and you have some kind of income there is a great Portuguese visa option for you: the D7 visa.

And you don’t have to bother, because Horizon Consulting will give you the necessary support to obtain your D7 visa for Portugal in a simple way and without major bureaucratic concerns.

The applicant for a Passive Income Residence Visa must show evidence of having a net regular passive income, such as a pension, rental, interest, dividend or intellectual property income, that is deemed sufficient to support his/her family aggregate in Portugal. This amounts to at least €12.000 per year, plus 50% of this amount for the spouse and 30% for each dependent child, but the higher the proved net worth and income, the better.

The application for this residence permit must be preceded by a special residence visa, applied for by the main applicant at a Portuguese Consulate of the area of residence. His/her immediate family members will also be entitled to residence permits under the “family reunification” rules, or also to apply with the main applicant.

For the purpose of applying for the residence permit, the applicant must enter Portugal having the special residence visa issued by a Portuguese Consulate as mentioned above.

This visa allows for a maximum of two entries and a stay in the country of up to 4 months. Once in Portugal, the applicant will apply for the residence permit and we can guide you through the entire process.

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